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Smith And Jones

wow i loved it. i think i shall do a watching commentry soon. (typing whilst watching) 

although, i did think, with the tie bit, he would go back in time. BUt that *has* to defy some time travelling law.

Equally *eeeeer* Martha Bashers STILL! Shes lovely! and shes very different, but also a little bit similar to rose.  AND the doctors had loads of companions, and as much as i love some of the bashes, with lots and lots of my heart (Jo-hosè, Tom, i was thinking of you!) and i love Rose, but move on! Shes gone! (at least for a bit) its not like its the same show, theres a slightly different feel with Martha there, shes not replacing rose! 

thats it until i rewatch (but how long was the confidential? i just got bored!)

Also, i spent the rest of the night slightly drunk with my sister singing any dream will do very loudly, whilst my parents were at a party, and watching boston legal =]
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